Separation Anxiety: When Mothers Grapple with It

Mothers say they look forward to their children’s first day of school so they may finally have peace in the house. When that day does arrive, however, a sudden attack of adult separation anxiety can catch them off guard.

Yes, it’s Possible

A serious disorder formerly associated only to children actually exists among adults, too. The causes vary from one situation to another, but it could certainly cause trouble for a mother and her family. It could also leave a negative impact on her child. The best means to overcome it entails recognising its existence and looking for ways to calm down as children leave for school.

Control What You Can

Draw the line between what can and cannot be controlled. Anxiety produces irrational – even silly – thoughts directed in the well-being of their young ones. By dealing well with factors such as selecting the preschool, preparing to meet the requirements of Australian school uniforms like those from Perm-A-Pleat, and training the children how to treat others politely, the basic causes of worry reduces significantly. It allows mothers to easily recognise irrational thoughts and combat them with the fact they they’ve done their best to prepare their children.

Keep Your Hands Full

Stay preoccupied with cleaning, finishing work, and similar activities. They keep the mind too busy to entertain stressors that could trigger anxiety attacks. Some mothers wait until their child has left for school before they begin deciding on their itinerary. The idle time spent deliberating their options give worry a leeway. Avoid this by planning what chores to finish and what recreations to focus on for the entire week. Even if they don’t push through exactly as planned, they suffice to maintain her focus anywhere but on her worries.

Exchange Mementos

Since children could also suffer from separation anxiety simultaneously with their mothers, exert efforts to comfort one another. Exchanging mementos to symbolise each other’s presence through objects offers mental and emotional relief. These mementos could take the form of anything from a keychain to a bracelet. So long as both mother and child understand the significance of those tokens, they could hold onto them until they see each other again at the end of the day.

Separation anxiety causes trouble in many ways. Dealing with it early helps in making wise decisions on how to cope well for the entire family’s sake.