Outdoor Décor: Five Ideas for Hanging Christmas Lights

A celebratory mood doesn’t need occasions. It is in the spirit of things, and the way you join in it that counts.

For example, you can start spreading the joy of the winter season months before it begins. There is no easier way to do this than by decorating your home with Christmas lights.

Here are some ideas to make your Christmas light decoration stand out:

Turn to LED

LED lights are the best way to keep your electricity budget in check. It is the preferred lighting option by Christmas lighting decorators like Roof to Deck Decoration. Not only is it energy-efficient, but it is also brighter than most lighting options.

Play with Your Lights

Play with the lighting colors to create a stunning spectacle for your home. For example, match your off-white façade with colored lights. Decorate your shrubbery and trees with neutral yellow or bright white lights to create the illusion of fireflies around these areas.

Do the Job Early

It is best to do the decorating before the weather turns wet and cold. This gives you more leeway in developing your décor without the dangers of slipping or getting cold – especially while you are up the roof. This will make it easier to get around all the high points and corners of your house.

Be Resourceful with Your Project

Hang the Christmas lights as easily and safely as possible without marring your home’s trim and making visible, permanent damage to the walls. Instead of hanging light strings with staples or nails, use tube light clips or nail-on plastic clips. Staples or nails can pierce or wear away the protective insulation material of your home, which may result to electrical hazards.

Conceal the Cords

Most homeowners prefer to keep the chords of their lights hidden from view. When choosing your Christmas lights, go for cords that match the color of your home. With this, you can stop worrying about the lights ruining the beauty of your home façade during the day.

These are just some of the hacks you can do to adorn your home with Christmas lights even outside of the winter holiday season.