Wood Flooring: The Choice for an Eco-Friendly Home

Imagine a standard two to three bedroom home, with just the typical concrete floor. Sure, polished concrete flooring with under-floor heating looks good, but imagine the difference if it featured a dark, smooth wood flooring.

That is just one advantage of having wooden flooring. Here are a few more reasons why homeowners consider timber flooring a very good choice.

Engineering Technology

Engineered wooden boards do not warp, shrink or swell easily. Usually offered pre-finished, installation requires minimal labour and time.

Because they can withstand heat, they can be placed above floor heating systems. They are also highly resistant to stains and scratches. These qualities make them a good alternative to traditional wood flooring, Perth experts say.

Ecological Benefits

Wood produces oxygen and stores carbon, which helps reduce the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere. This flooring uses the least water and energy to produce. When it needs replacement, simply use the wood as firewood or fuel.

Easy to Maintain

Some hardwood floors easily last for several decades. Remove scratches and stains with a bit of sanding or a new coat of varnish or treatment. That makes it a cheaper option than replacing broken tiles or getting new carpeting. Besides, carpets need regular washing and replacement every five years or so.

Cleaning agents are also available at very affordable prices. Also, due to the fact that most wood finishes do not accumulate dust and dirt as easily as carpets, there is less need for regular cleaning.

There are a number of reasons why you would want your home to have wooden flooring. Before making a decision, see the many options you have to find the best kind of hardwood flooring for your home.