Multifunction Printers Have Multi-benefits

Multifunction printers are some of this generation’s smartest inventions. They are perfect examples of products
that answer to modern technology’s mission to simplify.

PrintCom says they are multi-purpose and all-in-one printers that copy, print, scan and fax. A good multifunction printer is a single heavy duty machine that can fulfil all your printing needs.

If this is not enough to convince you to replace your old printer, here is a list of advantages you will not be able to resist.

It saves you a lot of space

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of multifunction printers is space-saving capability. Precisely because you have everything you need in one machine, you do not need multiple spaces for a printer, a copier, a scanner and a fax machine. All you need is one convenient spot for your multifunction printer, which provides more room for other equipment.

It saves you money

While multifunction printers are a little costlier than your traditional printers and copiers, it does not change the fact that you will be spending much less by buying a multifunction printer than buying four separate printers.

It is easier to maintain

Compare these two: maintaining one device versus maintaining four different devices. It is easy to imagine which is easier.

A printer, for example, has different maintenance requirements than a fax machine. The amount of maintenance and cleaning work for one big device is only a little more than the amount of work allotted in multiple devices.

Power saving means cost saving

Inflating electric costs are one of Australia’s commercial and residential problems today. Having a multifunction printer in your office and home will reduce this problem significantly. Only one cord is needed to power the entire device, which avoids cord congestion and high power usage.

It reduces your waste

Because multifunction printers use one set of supplies for all printing processes, such as toner and ink cartridges, it minimises leftover and disposable materials. Thus, it minimises your carbon footprint.

Given their multi-benefits, multifunction printers should be staple device in commercial establishments. By saving your business, you are also saving the environment.