Discover the Top 3 Applications of Refractometers

wine productionSo what exactly are refractometers? It’s an optical instrument that determines how light ‘bends’ (a term called refraction) when passing through a substance. Most of these tools measure the clarity or purity of liquids, gases and gemstones. Salinity, blood protein, and sugar content are all measurable using these tools.

Here are the top three uses of refractometers:

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Refractometers for Automobiles

To meet certain EPA regulations, you need to make that your automobile’s DEF is not contaminated beyond tolerable levels. While you can easily see that the fluid is pure if it’s crystal clear, that is not always the case. There are times that you will need a DEF refractometer to be sure.

This tool makes use of a reticle or scale expanded using the eyepiece to have an accurate measurement of the light to assess the contamination levels. DEF refractometers are so important in curbing the environmental and health impact of nitrogen oxides (NOx), that all current and recent models (2010 and above) of vehicles have a built-in DEF system to slash NOx emission. This comprises purified water and purified urea that that you can measure using a refractometer.

Refractometers for Winemaking

One of the key skills of winemakers is to use and read refractometers. These tools quantify the amount of sugar in fresh and juiced grapes. This is because regulating sugar content is essential in producing the perfect-tasting wines. Refractometers also evaluate the ripeness level of grapes.

Refractometers for Gardening and Farming

These tools are important in ensuring the health of the different crops. A refractometer can assess the ripeness of crops using the system called Brix Rating. This tool makes use of a refractive light passing through the sap or the juice of the crop to determine the nutrient levels. The higher the rating, the healthier the crop.

Refractometers may also vary in terms of sizes, functions and cost. It is advisable to keep a digital or DEF refractometer if you own a car, a farm or are into winemaking.