3 Travel Essentials to Keep Your Money and Passport Safe

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your money and passport while travelling in a foreign country. Apart from the trouble you’ll encounter with the immigrations office, it will be difficult to travel around or even find food that you can still afford. If you want to avoid this unfortunate scenario, then it’s important to keep your valuables extra safe. Here are some items you can use while travelling:

Fanny Pack

Hipappeal.com says that running fanny packs are also useful when travelling. They make unique packs that are less bulky. But even if you use a bulky fanny pack which can affect your fashion sense, it may be better to trade fashion for the security of your items. Besides, the way you carry yourself has more to do with your fashion sense than a little fanny pack does.

Money Belt

This has the same function as a fanny pack, but it’s flat and you can hide it under your clothes. The problem with it is that you have to unlock and remove the belt whenever you need money. Some tourists don’t remove them and reach for the money underneath their clothes instead. This may look awkward from another person’s point of view, though.

Neck Wallet

If you aren’t comfortable wearing something around your waist, then a neck wallet might be better. It’s small so you can only fit money, your passport, or anything flatlike transportation tickets. It’s also possible to keep it under your clothes or wear it like a body bag or gun holster, so it isn’t easy to grab or pull. It’s not advisable to put anything heavy in it, however, because it can strain the neck after prolonged use.

Security is among the most important things that you should take note of when travelling. Never ignore the threats you may encounter outdoors, especially when you’re in another country.