Know a Few Driveway Cleaning Methods

Clean driveways increase your home’s curb appeal. Apart from increasing the charm of your area, regularly cleaning the driveway also protects the concrete, stone or asphalt surface from damage.

Some people think that sweeping alone gets the job done. While it helps in cleaning, it’s not enough if you want a squeaky clean driveway. Initially, it seems like a tremendous task. Styrke Construction, a Utah-based construction company, believes that concrete driveways are easy to maintain. It only requires your time and effort.

Basic Cleaning Method

Paved driveways become magnets for oil stains, bird droppings, mud and thick layers of grime. Before you begin sweeping, sop up liquid stains on the surface. Kitty litter is an effective liquid absorber. Take note that sodas or baking soda will also work.

Once you’ve cleared the driveway of liquid mess, start sweeping. Clearing the surface from excess litter prepares it for heavy duty washing. After sweeping, mix a solution of hot water and laundry detergent for scrubbing.

Cover the entire driveway with the mixture and brush vigorously. Afterwards, rinse with your garden hose or by pouring buckets of water. When all is done, let your driveway dry under the sun.

Removing Stubborn Stains

The most common driveway stains are oil or radiator fluid dripping from vehicles. Kitty litter should be enough, but long-standing oil stains are hard to remove. The suggestions below also apply to antifreeze and grease stains:

• Use dry dishwashing detergent on the stain after wetting it. Let it stand for a few minutes before pouring boiling water. Scrub and rinse
• Apply liquid launder detergent straight from the bottle. Let it sit, then scrub vigorously with a broom.
• Grease solvents like Benzene also work. When using this product, have a fire extinguisher ready in case of fires.

Stubborn rust stains require wood bleach for complete removal. For mold and mildew problems, use power washers to remove stains.

Keeping it Clean

As it’s positioned outside, your driveway remains constantly subjected to dirt and stains. Nonetheless, you play a part in minimizing the mess. If you’re changing your car’s oils, lay down newspapers on the surface to absorb the liquid before it sets.

Driveways are the first things visitors see. Impress your neighbors with a squeaky clean driveway by taking time off to clean and maintain it regularly.