Transportable Homes: Call Anywhere Your “Home”

Transportable homes offer the distinct and unique advantage of having a home that you can move from one place to another. True to their name, transportable homes aren’t fixed upon a single location; instead, these are factory-manufactured homes that anyone can set up in an open area. Think of them as more stable and long-lasting versions of tents for picnics or camping adventures.

A couple of key advantages that transportable homes have over traditional, site-built homes are their quicker construction time and lower overall costs. It also helps that the popularity of such home systems is slowly picking up steam in Australia.

Transportable Homes in Australia

The rural countryside has become much faster at accepting the idea of transportable homes than the big cities. Part of the reason behind this is that transportable homes are much more cost-effective to build in rural areas than site-built homes. In addition, transportable homes aren’t exactly a great match for the overall look and feel of the city.

As of today, Perth and other areas in NSW, QLD, and regional towns in Australia have begun to steadily adopt the idea. This boom in transportable housing was caused by the sudden upward surge in mining activities across the country. Transportable owners, ever quick to see business opportunities as soon as they arise, offer their mobile homes for rent to mining enthusiasts in need of accommodation during their stay in the regions.

Assembling Your Transportable Home says transportable homes can be categorised into two type:

  • Caravan-type. This is the kind of transportable home that you can bring with you to any location of your choice.
  • Fixed home – Before you get confused about the word “fixed,” this type of home is counted as transportable because it undergoes construction after the parts are received from the factory.

Upon receiving all the parts of your new mobile home — shipped straight from the factories, of course — you can then sit down, study the instructions and put the parts together to build your brand-new transportable home.