It’s Sabaw-Time: Top 3 Merienda that Have ‘Sabaw’ (Soup)

What’s not to love about the cold season? You can enjoy cuddling with someone, put on your quirky, green knee socks, and sip on a nice cup of coffee. For Filipinos, there’s an added item to that list: enjoy a delicious bowl of warm ‘sabaw’ (soup).

With the Christmas breeze still lingering, seize the cold season; sip, slurp and savor a bowl of warm sabaw with these popular Filipino merienda (mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack) choices:

1. Lomi

Lomi is a Fil-Chi dish made of thick fresh egg noodles, small chunks of meat (pork or chicken), pork liver and sautéed garlic and shallots. The dish is garnished with cooked shrimp, kikiam, fish balls, and some meatballs. Some Filipinos love to spice up the taste of lomi by adding soysauce, calamansi (calamondin), red onions, and crushed chili peppers. Some also pair the dish with siopao.

Give your tummy a hot treat by slurping and savoring the best lomi in town!

2. Goto

Goto is a rice porridge prepared with pig or cow innards as major ingredients. Other recipes use ox tripe and pig intestine. This merienda is usually served with egg, toasted garlic, green onions, and the all-time favorite chicharon (fried pork rinds). Some also enjoy adding fish sauce and calamansi.

If you are looking for an affordable yet scrumptious merienda, your go-to food will definitely be goto.

3. Molo

One of Iloilo’s pride: the molo soup. Pancit molo’s major ingredient is ground pork encased in wonton wrapper. The dish also has chicken meat and shrimps. Filipinos like to add toppings in molo soup like spring onions and toasted garlic. Some pair it with puto (rice cake) to add to the fusion of flavors.

If you haven’t tried pancit molo yet, you are definitely missing out. Explore panciterias in town and try molo!

Make the most of the cold season by sipping, slurping and savoring these hot Filipino merienda treats with your friends and family!