Celebrate Birthdays with a Cocktail Party

You want to make your birthday memorable, but at the same time you don’t want to break the bank. The good news is that it is not a far-fetched dream – a birthday cocktail party is just the answer!

You can hold your cocktail party at any of the venues in Brisbane. It’s now even possible to bring a cocktail bar to your home or office! All you need to do is to inquire whether your favourite cocktail bar offers catering services.

It is still cheaper though if you celebrate within their premises so you will not have to worry about ample parking spaces.

Fun Activities for Everyone

Guests will surely enjoy drinking and nibbling on fingerfood. Aside from satisfying their appetites, you can make your birthday more exciting with the following activities.

1. Act as the host of the event. Tell everyone your milestones for the year. Thank your family and friends for whatever contributions they have made to make your life better. You may bring props on stage to show the results of their contributions. Mention the most important person in your life at the last part of your speech, and let them talk or ask them why they consider you a great family member or friend.

2. For those without the gift of gab, you may play parlour games. Have a bowl where the winner will dig his hand into to pick a prize. For your prizes, buy something sweet, simple and unisex; something that reflects your personality. There are many food and non-food tokens that you can buy from party venues in Brisbane.

3. Speaking of prizes, you can also do a raffle by the end of the cocktail party. Have the names of your guests listed then put them in a bowl. To make it exciting, make sure everybody receives a gift.

By the end of your cocktail party, everyone will be thanking you for a wonderful evening. The money you spent on food, drinks and prizes would all be worth it.