Savour Your Big Day: Food Tasting for Your Wedding

Other than the bride and the groom, the food is undeniably one of the highlights of any wedding celebration. Knowing its importance, it’s just right that you organise some trips to a few chosen caterers to make sure that the fares your guests will partake of are truly delectable.

Food tasting sessions provide you with an opportunity to explore more options in case you’re not sure with your initial meal plans. North Brisbane wedding venues and restaurants usually hold this type of meeting. Below are some things you need to keep in mind before sitting through some tastings.

Coordinate with Your Planner

Before the session, communicate your concerns to your wedding planner. Describe the type of food you want and your ideal presentation and style of service. Your planner will help you find a caterer that will satisfy your requirements. This will make the entire activity a lot easier, and who knows, the planner may even help you get a discount.

Form Your Committee

Choose the people who will come with you at the tasting event. But, keep the number to a minimum. If you decide to bring your mom, dad, maid of honour, best man, and your cousins, coming up with a decision will take longer, as their differing opinions may distract you. Bring with you a couple of trusted family members and friends. Include your planner in the head count.

Mind Your Manners

Don’t forget your manners. Keep the conversations light and wholesome. No one wants to know why you broke up with your ex (especially your fiancé or fiancée). Veer away from subjects that the caterer, the staff, and the members of the tasting committee, may consider politically incorrect.

More importantly, listen to the suggestions of your caterer. He has the experience, and he can help you refine your options. You may also ask the caterer to customise the dishes based on the special needs of your guests.