Many Days of Luxury + Adventure: Why You Should Cruise Australia’s Kimberley Region

Have you ever felt the sudden need to go on a vacation? Do you think you are too busy with your work that you’ve forgotten to make time for yourself? Many people have been there. Though you have a busy lifestyle,  that doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a bit of time to relax, unwind, and tick a few adventures off your bucketlist!

Escape the Southern Australian winters and consider the idea of exploring the amazing coastal wilderness of the Kimberley from March to October. In the country’s  most remote corner, the North West, lies some of the world’s most spectacular scenery, which is also quickly becoming famous as a go-to place for cruising. The Kimberley offers a peaceful and relaxing environment perfect for a stylish and luxurious cruising vessel to meander around the beautiful waterways along the North West coast.

If you are among those who are planning their first cruise yet still feeling a bit hesitant, let us help you with some of our reasons you need to take the leap now.

Cruising is Becoming Even More Popular!

Going on a cruise charter vessel allows guests to unwind and feel safe and protected, and that’s just one of the reasons that the latest research shows that there’s a surprising number of Australians taking cruises. In 2012, statistics available reveal there were approximately 700,000 cruise passengers, up by 11 percent compared to a year earlier.

It Offers Flexible Itineraries

According to The Great Escape Charter Company, one of the original small group luxury adventure cruise operators on the Kimberley coast, many cruise operators offer unique and varied itineraries that will surely fit your schedule. Guests can choose from a 13-night itinerary, 8-night cruise or 4-night trips. No matter what Kimberley Cruise itinerary you choose, your adventure would be truly unique and memorable.

It Provides Access to Secluded Areas

Taking an adventure cruise offers easy access to places that you cannot simply reach by land. In other tourist spots in the world, such as Antarctica or Alaska, you can’t just go on an adventure without going on a cruise. This is also the case for the Kimberley, in which many of its most amazing attractions are most easily accessible via cruise vessel or helicopter – we have both!

Let the beauty of the Kimberley inspire and amaze you. Learn its rich culture, embrace the nature, look for the precious unique wildlife and just feel the Kimberley heartbeat.

It’s an Adventure

Cruising the Kimberley has been voted one of the Best Australian Adventure experiences by Luxury Travel Gold List Awards – for two years in a row! So instead of taking another holiday in the ordinary, a luxury cruise on the Kimberley is an adventure not soon to be forgotten.  In fact, in 2014, the Lonely Plant named the Kimberley the #2 destination in terms of the best regions to visit, because of its vast wilderness, cool pools, rugged coastline, and luxurious travel destinations.