Having Trouble Selecting the Right Patio Door?

Patio doors make for a great addition to your home. Not only do they provide convenient access, but they also allow plenty of light and air to flood in. What’s more, modern patio doors even make your house more energy-efficient.

Given the popularity of the patio doors, its makers have come up with different types such as the sliding ones, swinging ones, bi-fold and French patio doors. They even come in different materials with different price points.

While the ample choice in patio doors is good, it can get overwhelming when it finally comes to choosing the patio door. Saltlakewindowcompany.com compiled a few tips to help you with this endeavor.

Space Availability

Consider how much space you have to allow the doors to open. For example, French and swinging doors will need plenty of room when opened, whereas the sliding doors are ideal for areas where space is tight.


Patio doors today are available in a wide range of materials including:

  • Fiberglass that feels and looks like wood, but weather-resistant and durable.
  • Aluminum, which is lightweight, strong, rust-resistant and cost-effective.
  • Steel, exuding strength, is rust-resistant, highly durable and low on maintenance.
  • Vinyl a, strong plastic material with weather and stain resistance, and energy efficient to boot.
  • Wood, a timeless classic, but this could rot with time and require greater care.
  • Clad wood, a strong layer of metal on wood that protects the latter and increases lifespan.

The kind of material you choose will depend on your preference, the decor of your home and your budget.

Energy Efficiency

Some people want their patio doors to be more than just an aesthetic addition. Energy efficiency plays well with this kind of thinking. Glass patio doors are the best in this regard. When you choose glass for your patio door, consider checking for its low-E value, R-value, U-factor and UV coating. All these contribute greatly to reducing the amount of heat entering the home.

Buy a patio door using these tips as guidelines to have a patio door that is appealing and functional, and would serve you faithfully for years to come.