Solar Film Highlight Reel: Protecting Interiors from UV Rays

Most of us believe that the only time that we need to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun is when we are outside. We use sunscreens with adequate sun protection factors that do a lot to keep our skin safe and free from UV damage.

What about sun protection within the home? It is unfortunate that most windows do little, if any, to hold back harmful UVB and UVA rays that damage our skin and overall health.

Here are some reasons why we need solar films to protect the interiors of our home.

Blocks 80% of the Sun’s Heat states that solar films are quite effective at blocking the sun’s heat by about 80%. This makes rooms cooler, especially during summer. The result also translates to savings in electricity costs. This has less stress and wear and tear on air conditioner units as homeowners and establishments do not need to crank up the thermostat.

Reduces Glare

When light hits a smooth surface, it creates a phenomenon known as glare. Glare is uncomfortable to people inside the house, while in offices, they render people less productive because half the time, employees squint to see their screens.

A window film reduces the amount of glare significantly. This allows people who use computer screens, television sets or those that read by their windowsills to be more comfortable.

Minimises Damage to Interior Furniture

Heat causes not just physical harm to the human body, but also in home furniture. It could ruin precious art due to sun exposure. It could also adversely affect carpets, draperies and wood finishes. Using a reliable window film can reduce interior fading significantly.

Using the right window film can create a look of elegance and uniformity for your establishment or home. Light from the outside may distort the appearance of interior furnishings. The use of a window film reduces light to the amount that highlights the pieces instead of distorting their appearance.