Reward Yourself Emotionally: A Certified Nursing Assistant’s Story

nurse storyOne of the places where you can get a nursing aide degree is at a reputable nursing college. A career as a nursing aide is a fulfilling experience because you are part of an expert medical team that tends to those in need, while also enjoying rewards for your efforts.

Nursing aide assistants are an extra pair of hands in the hospital who assist primary medical staff in the performance of their duties.

Here is what you should know about it.

Emotionally Rewarding Career Option

When you undergo training at a nursing school, you put yourself on the right path to an emotionally rewarding career. It is no secret that a nursing assistant’s job is one of the most demanding in the health care profession.

Nursing assistants spend a lot of time with their wards. This means there are many opportunities to develop close relationships with the patients, particularly those who need long-term care.

Prerequisite Education to Become a Nurse

Your interest to become a registered nurse in the future will benefit from this qualification. You can use your CNA training as a stepping-stone to this profession. It allows you to test the waters, so to speak, because the experience you gain as a CNA will prepare you for the more rigorous training ahead.


Training to become a certified nursing assistant is affordable compared to training a BSN program as those in Salt Lake City, according to The cost of training varies and ranges between three hundred to one thousand five hundred dollars depending on the facility or school.

Many employers provide free training to candidates if they commit to working with them for a specified period.

With a large number of baby-boomers expected to retire soon, an aging population and better health care, the demand for certified nursing assistants is now bigger than ever. This means many opportunities for a rewarding income as an RN. A CNA is the gatekeeper to that profession.