Mouth-Watering Advice on Mouthwash

All dentists always advise patients to brush, floss and rinse their mouth regularly. For those who argue that brushing twice a day and flossing at regular intervals is adequate, understand that this is not enough. In addition, today a convincing study shows that mouth washing in addition to brushing and flossing is the best answer to every tooth and gum problem.

Here is a look at why mouthwashing is necessary for good oral hygiene.

A Convincing Study

A study on 139 healthy adults showed that mouth washing as a supplemental dental cleaning step helped prevent dental problems in the subjects. For the purpose of this study, researchers divided the subjects into two groups-one asked to brush and then rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash twice daily and the other asked only to brush and rinse with water. At the end of six months, the observation showed that cleaning with mouthwash removed oral plaques better in the first group. These results are convincing enough to show that mouthwashes are beneficial for dental health.

Can Reach Places Unreachable

As opposed to brushing, the one big advantage with a liquid mouthwash is that it can reach every inaccessible corner of the mouth. That alone gives it an edge in removing microbes in the mouth, says, a dental clinic in Applecross.

Fewer Tooth and Gum Problems

With regular mouth washing in addition to brushing, one can stave off a number of dental problems including:

Cavities – Studies show that a mouthwash with fluoride can reduce demineralisation and cavity formation in the teeth.
Gum diseases – With an antibacterial mouthwash that also contains alcohol and chlorhexidine, you can easily avoid infection to the gums.
Canker sores – Mouthwashing is a good way to soothing canker sores as they can detox the area and reduce the number bacteria proliferating there.
Stuck food particles – Rinsing with a mouthwash can loosen any food particles stuck between the teeth, the number one cause for tooth decay.
Plaque formation – A mouthwash can prevent plaque from forming on your teeth, on the gums and in between teeth.

Finally, a mouthwash can leave your breath as fresh as a mint so that you may face the world with greater confidence.