Dust Away: Keeping Your Rugs and Mats Free

Having rugs, carpets and door mats around the homes and lobby areas serves both aesthetic and functional purposes. Unlike wood, laminate or other flooring, though, these tend to collect a lot of dust due to their composition of fibers. The ones in the entry areas also are also inclined to be full of dust and dirt from outside.

This is not hygienic and may even cause allergic reactions in many vulnerable people. Even normal people tend to sneeze more and fall sick more often if the carpets have no maintenance. Hence, clean them as regularly as you can, or whenever they become dirty.

Some ways to keep them clean and dust-free:

• Clean and vacuum the rugs, carpets, and mats on entry doors regularly. Get a cleaner specially made to remove dust from the rug. The cleaners that have filters to trap the dust work better for heavy carpet cleaning than the usual vacuum bags that fill with vacuumed dust. Note that you can clean these filters and replace them after cleaning.
• Keep the air clean by using a good air purifier. Invest in systems that capture dust from the air. This result in cleaner air, thus reducing the dust that settles down on the carpet. There are good purifiers that can clean the air and trap most of the dust floating.
• Dusting your furniture also helps. Instead of using dusters, use a damp cloth to wipe down the furniture. Dusters tend to displace the dust that will just transfer onto the furniture or the rugs below. A damp cloth will trap the dust on it, and stop it from settling elsewhere.
• Clean all the blinds, shutters, window panes regularly. Clean the curtains by washing or vacuuming.
• Apart from the above, hire professional cleaners for heavy-duty cleaning. Professionals use different processes to remove all the excess dust effectively. This kind of cleaning also prolongs the life of the rugs and carpets.

These are simple procedures to clean carpets, rugs, and mats. Have a ready source of cleaning products and disinfectants, or hire a professional cleaner to free them from allergic particulates.