Great Images, Higher Traffic: Using Photographs on Your Website

Pictures are among the most important elements that make a website more interesting. But, only a few web designers and content strategists understand its power to convey a message. This is why some websites end up displaying generic and sometimes irrelevant images.

Online marketing companies, such as Bambrick Media, say that carefully chosen pictures and their strategic placement can reward a website with high traffic. If you’re having troubles on how to improve the visual appeal of your website, refer to the following tips below:

Value Expression

The content of the website is meant to elicit response from your customers. As pictures are part of your content strategy, you have to choose images that will make your customers respond favourably to your calls to action. For instance, put some pictures of laughing kids who are engaged in physical activities if you’re running a summer camp website.

Keep it Real

Stock photos are sometimes not a good option, as they’re used by different websites. Chances are your competitors have already used that scalpel-wielding doctor, and you don’t want your customers to see that again. Hire a photographer to have original photos.

Choose the Right Location

Placing the images on your website can be tricky, especially when it comes to positions. Your customers have different visual orientations, so make sure the way you place the photos can accommodate them all. It’s always wise to place a photo right above the headline.

Describe it Cleverly

Your pictures may already be telling something, but they still need a few words to reinforce a message or help the customers validate their thoughts about them. Don’t forget to put captions. They don’t need to be long; a sentence will do.

Most importantly, use images in moderation. A website laden with many pictures can slow down the loading of the pages; thus, reducing the quality of user experience.