3 Common Flat Renting Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

flat rentalHaving a granny flat is fast becoming a common thing for households in Western Australia. It is a great way to live with your in-laws or parents without sacrificing privacy or personal space. It is also good for students and home-based professionals who need to have adequate space to do their work.

With the current developments in property law, granny flats have become more than just a convenient extra living space. Many investors today are drawn to Western Australia because of recent legislative changes in property renting. Owners can now put their flats up for rent and earn income from them.

Maximise the potential of your flat by keeping yourself aware of the common mistakes owners usually make. Here are three usual blunders granny flat owners make and how to avoid them:

Not Knowing About the Construction Process

It always pays to take a closer look into the construction details if you are building a new granny flat. Classic Granny Flats says there are several factors involved in building one, which includes securing permits and other project details. Get a builder who can provide all the particulars and guide you with the design process.

Overstuffing the Flat with Unnecessary Features

In a bid to attract more potential tenants, some owners end up putting in more features and furniture than necessary. Remember that not all tenants have the same living requirements and may not need all the extras you have put in. Make sure the basic amenities are installed properly, and then discuss additional design arrangements with your tenants later.

Inadequate Security

Lastly, you may end up turning possible tenants away because of a lack in security measures. While the granny flat is part of your property, you should still see to it that it is secured on its own. To solve this, you can make separate entry to the flat and install security systems as well.

Granny flats are now a means to earn passive income. By knowing the best practices early on, you can get ahead and make your rental business grow.