Safety with Sparklers: Preventing Fireworks Mishap

Tradition and great memories follow those special holidays where fireworks are part of the day. For quite some time now, fireworks have been seen as one of the many ways to make a party even more unique and exciting. But, as always, whenever there is fire involved, safety rules should be followed.

Safety First

Fireworks safety comes with proper handling of fireworks. It can prevent burns, eye injuries and other related problems in both kids and adults. It can also prevent fire or any destruction of property. This comes with proper planning and preparation, as recommended by the experts from Fireworks UK:

  1. Set up the fireworks at a location far away from any fire hazards or any buildings, houses or properties that may be affected. Never light it indoors or inside the house.
  2. Always have a bucket of water or any good source of water, such as a garden hose, nearby. In cases of any accidents or mishaps, having these within reach will help put any fire out easily.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the fireworks stand. You don’t want any accidents to happen with them close by. Do not let children use, handle or play with firecrackers or any such items.
  4. Light one at a time. Stand back after you light one and never let any part of your body or clothes over them while lighting. Wait for the display to finish before coming back and lighting up another one. It is never a good idea to relight a dud. It could backfire or explode spontaneously.
  5. Soak all the used or spent fireworks with water. Doing this makes sure all the used fireworks won’t ignite when you’re cleaning the place and throwing them away.
  6. Have a first aid kit prepared and ready. If things do go wrong, be prepared to treat any victims and seek medical attention.

Following these simple safety rules will make sure you enjoy a great holiday and family bonding time knowing you and your family are safe.