The Legal Side of Divorce: Improving Lawyer-Client Relationship and Cooperation

Divorce lawyers are there to work with clients and help them go through the marriage-ending process. While you’ll be hiring the lawyer to work for you, they’ll also need your cooperation. Clients also need to extend all possible help to their divorce lawyers so that the entire procedure goes smoothly.

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Whether you’re in New York, Los Angeles, Georgia, or anywhere else, here a few things you can do to help your case:

Tell Them All About Your Case

Your lawyer should know the story behind your divorce filing, just enough to get the picture. They should be able to get at least a glimpse of the personalities of all parties involved in the matter and the importance of what is at stake.

Don’t be afraid to open up and tell your legal counsel what you want to happen. You can ask your lawyer to act as the mediator to work out the thorny issues with your spouse and avoid the court proceedings and costly litigation altogether.

The important thing is that you and your lawyer should be on the same page at all times. As The Millard Law Firm puts it, protecting the clients’ rights and interests while ensuring quick resolution of issues should be the goal.

Keep Things Legal, Civil

Child custody and upbringing, visiting rights, and division of property are topics that often lead to arguments and fights during the divorce process. Spare yourself and the kids this agony by keeping things civil and sticking to the legal battle.

Any lawyer who fans the flames should be avoided. You may even make it clear to your legal counsel that you want a favorable and well negotiated settlement rather than an ugly courtroom battle. Operating under your prime directive should be your lawyer’s primary goal and not the other way around.

Be on the Same Page

One of the best ways to help your lawyer and your case is to be on the same page throughout the legal battle. From the filing to the settlement, you both should be aiming for the same outcome: a situation where you, the client, will get what you want.
In whatever legal move your team will make, your benefit should always be in their best interest.

Divorce is already a complicated, messy issue. Don’t make it even more so by not being cooperative with your legal team. Talk to your lawyers, get on the same page, and soon enough, this whole ordeal will be over.