SEO Reselling is Like Link Building, But With Humans

link buildingSEO is highly important for any online business. So critical is this process today that you don’t only have SEO providers, but also SEO resellers offering service packages and help connect clients to the providers by acting as middlemen.

One vital strategy in good SEO is link building, which helps a website strengthen its online presence. SEO reselling and link building both concern a business website. But, did you know that they are somehow related, too? In fact, SEO reselling can be considered similar to link building. The only difference is that the former is done with humans. SEOReseller Program offers an explanation for this seemingly bizarre similarity.

Both Need to Connect with an Authority

When it comes to link building, no business website will want to connect with a site that is not considered an authority in the field. Similarly, when reselling SEO services, it is important to connect with a reputable SEO provider to minimize the time and effort needed to develop a client base.

Both are About Networking

In link building, the idea is to build a network of good quality links, so your website and all others within the network also benefit from the linking. In SEO reselling, you must also concentrate on building a network that integrates resellers, providers, and clients together in a manner that will benefit everyone in the network. Keep in mind that business expansion is about networking and forging strong human relationships.

Other Notable Similarities

Here are a few other reasons SEO reselling is similar to link building:

  • Both focus on a particular niche. SEO resellers focus on connecting to clients, whose business needs they can satisfy, and providers who can offer SEO service in the related field. Similarly, in link building, you focus on linking to relevant sites.
  • Regular updates are a must in both processes. Otherwise, the links will become defunct.
  • Both need to be consistent and competent because a reseller who gets no business and an inactive link won’t gain nothing.
  • Both must be careful to maintain a good reputation online.

So, if you treat SEO reselling like link building, you will find success as a reseller of SEO services.