How Did They Miss That?

There are times when doctors have moments of humanity. These are instances when the pressure of having other lives in your hands and considering so many things at once take their toll. Doctors make mistakes, but not even human error can explain some cases of negligence.

Incredible Negligence

The most recent case comes from Julia Rogers from Newport Abbot in Devon. Doctors failed to detect her pancreatic cancer after nineteen appointments. Rogers first complained of pain in her back spreading to her abdomen in 2013.

During the nine months after, Rogers made appointments with doctors seventeen times. None of the GPs saw anything unusual in the scans, and sent her home with painkillers. It was not until Rogers paid £600 to have a scan in a private hospital in Bristol that she discovered she had inoperable advanced pancreatic cancer.

The NHS is conducting an investigation into the matter. Still, the fact that something like this can happen is very alarming. How can doctors not see cancer nineteen times? Noted UK firm Secure Law explains that complicated matters such as this makes it necessary for the law to intervene.

Not the first

This is not the first time negligence of this magnitude happened either. Doctors failed to diagnose another woman, named Leigh Naylor, with a cervical tumour after sixteen appointments. GPs could only offer her life prolonging chemotherapy.

She did not accept the treatment, instead raising £35,000 to receive alternative treatments in Germany. She plans to take legal action against the NHS. Naylor’s tumour has shrunk and is trying to raise an additional £12,000 for the series of treatment she may need for the rest of her life.

It is easy to lose faith in the system when things like this happen. Only time will tell if the ensuing investigations bring about any results. All anyone can do is wait and let the legal professionals sort everything out.