Painting Contractors: Understanding the Must-Haves for Qualified Professionals

Paint not only provides protection to the interior and exterior of all structures, but is also a great way of decorating any place. Bad paint jobs are characterised by poor adhesion, funky odours, and imperfections in different areas. Just like any other area of specialisation, painters are required to register with the Painters Registration Board. This particular organisation is a union whose goals are to represent the interests of customers and those who offer their services. Quite a few companies offer their services as painting contractors in the area of painting, sign writing and decorating.


The goal of membership is to encourage workers and employees to adhere to professional standards as far as work and customer service are concerned. Building industry codes keep changing all the time. So, members of the board are kept updated on new rules and regulations. Contract companies can make sure that their employees keep up with licensing and industry related matters. Painters usually get on-the-job training on using paints efficiently as well as disposing them properly to mitigate environmental damage. To be a skilled painter and decorator requires a certain amount of skill and learning on the job.

The members of the Painters Registration Board have a platform to look for new employees and other assistance. There will always be a demand for qualified personnel in this area, as there are several aspects to the business. Providing estimates and running a full-fledged business is one of them. Customers would be well-served to find out the expertise of a contractor in a specific area and how long it will take. Contractors have to maintain a lot of equipment to make sure they can handle all types of jobs, so licences and liability insurance are mandatory for contract companies.


Before hiring a painting contractor, customers should check if their licences are valid and if there have been any complaints against them. Generally, contractors should be willing to give references of jobs they have handled before – high customer satisfaction is a good indicator of job quality. The length of time they have been in business is not an indicator of their capability. Good companies will be able to offer accurate estimates and finish a job on time. As this is a highly customer-oriented business, it is important that contractors return calls on time and be accessible to customers for the duration of the job.