Getting the Best Offer: Quality Accommodations for Travellers on a Budget

Finding accommodations in busy cities like Brisbane and with a limited budget can be a tricky and time-consuming task. These days, hotels and airlines have revised their fee structures and not paying attention can add up the tab quickly. This is especially true if you’re planning to hold special events and find unique venues in Brisbane. Here are a few pointers from seasoned travellers to help you with your quest.

Finding the right location

  • Comparing prices online: Some websites work as aggregators and pull up listings based on rates or even something as specific as function venues. Travellers have access to a lot more listings and choose a room based on features they absolutely want to have. Before going ahead with the booking, check if there are extra surcharges.
  • Flexible travel dates: Unless you’re looking for an exclusive function venue for a wedding or other important occasion, flexibility on dates will help in fetching a good bargain. Information like desired dates for travel, geographic preference, and budget, among others will pull up many good listings.
  • Amenities: Consumers should be aware that they might have to pay extra if they get a great offer on an accommodation. What would previously have been a standard feature in rooms will be made available at an extra charge on the bill – even items like an ironing board and Internet access. Many hotels charge premium prices for valet parking and Wi-Fi access in hourly packages.
  • Chains: Major hotel chains these days have different rooms based on grade level. These hotels are just as good as their pricier counterparts. Hotel chains do a lot of research before they invest in properties so they can reach a wider client base.
  • Negotiating: Depending on the season, hotels are willing to negotiate room rates. Customers can ask for and get a reduction in rates as well as other amenities. This is a good bargain for the hotel and their customers in the form of repeat business.