Thought-Provoking Signs: Building Curiosity, Inviting Customers

The value of outdoor advertising cannot be over emphasised. It’s true that the exponential growth of the mobile device market in Australia has encouraged a good number of businesses to go online, but this did not make street signs any less impactful in grabbing the attention of customers.

In major cities like Brisbane, however, you can no longer just settle for delivering your message in a generic and straightforward way. For instance, if you have a bistro located in a busy precinct where the competition is fierce, you have to be creative with your outdoor signs. From Brisbane-inspired A-frame signs to versatile pull up banners, business owners are learning the art of standing out using the right ads. With thought-provoking signage, you will arrest people’s interest and convince them enough to check out what your ad is about.

Wit Always Wins

Nothing appeals to the intellect and emotion like witty phrases. Applying wit to your ads makes your message hard-hitting and lasting. Successful brands, such as Coca Cola, Nike, and Fab Signs, have mastered the art of crafting clever statements to send their point across, evoking a positive reaction from the audience.

The Power of Visuals

The saying “a picture paints a thousand words” is as old as time, but it has yet to lose its meaning. In fact, promoting brands, products, and services is more effective visually than verbally. According to a paper featured by the Association for Consumer Research, pictures are superior over text when it comes to learning.

Be selective with your images. Use moving graphics telling a narrative while leaving enough to the imagination. Captions are important to avoid ambiguity.

Intrigue Translates into Interest

Tapping into people’s curiosity is best done by creating intrigue. Intriguing Brisbane outdoor signs demand a second look, making the audience stare longer at the ad. By capturing their interest, your advertising efforts have already paid off.

A few seconds is all you have to grab the attention of potential customers. Make your outdoor signage resonate with a design that would leave a lasting impression.