Fishing Trips Over Golf: When Work and Play Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Golf is a common activity for entrepreneurs striking business deals. But there are some corporate men and women who still use other conservative ways to test the mettle and character of prospective customers, clients, and investors. Golf can help people relax and give time for company officials to interact. It’s a good idea to take a prospective client out for a game on the golf course. But as the game itself is no test of a person’s character, very little can be found out about the client.

The Perfect Alternative

So, if you really want to test the spirit of potential business partners, take them out on a fishing trip with corporate officials. This will give you a good idea of the caliber and ability of the person you’ll be doing business with. As it doesn’t really require any particular skill or experience, anyone can take part in it.

According to Angling Adventures, while no skill or talent is needed, entrepreneurs use this activity to really know the strength of character of the clients or partners they’re dealing with. As this activity requires perfect timing, planning, persistence and fortitude, discerning executives are able to know the personality behind the façade.

A Test of Endurance

Angling and catching fish is not as easy as it appears. It requires instincts, craftiness and patience to make a catch. Unlike golf where the game is called off should there be a small shower, fishing is a more hectic activity. This really tests the fortitude and endurance of the person. Even some years ago, this was one of the activities indulged in by big businesses and their clients. Both national and international business leaders would head out to the mountains over the weekend for fly fishing holidays by the river or a simple camping activity. Developing camaraderie and getting to know the real person is easily facilitated with this great outdoor venture.