You and Your Divorce Lawyer: Managing Expectations

Divorce involves a complicated process. This is why having a legal counsel is important during this difficult situation. You and your family law attorney will become partners during and after the divorce process, so it’s important to have a good working relationship.

Here’s what you should expect from each other:

What Your Lawyer Expects from You

Divorce lawyers expect their clients to be calm, businesslike, well-prepared, and able to control their emotions. They also expect them to be organized, and to provide all information they need, including bank accounts, marriage certificates, and other legal documents.

Your lawyer also expects to be paid on time and in full. Talk to your attorney to work out some kind of payment if you don’t have a good financial situation.

What You Should Expect From Your Attorney

Your lawyer should have a clear understanding of your case and create a strategy that will provide you with a settlement in your favor. The attorney should also explain all your options and provide advice regarding the best paths to take, but respect your decision if you disagree with a course of action.

You should also expect your lawyer to return phone calls promptly and to consult you before taking any action concerning your case.

Stay involved in the process to help your lawyer get a favorable settlement. Provide all the necessary information and answer questions promptly and honestly.