Scooter Fun: Riding Safe

All kids love riding scooters, but it can be dangerous if done the wrong way. Remember that you need to focus on safety before functionality, appearance or anything else when buying a scooter for your child. Today’s scooters are lighter and faster, so the possibility of a child losing control greatly increases.

As a parent, you have to take your kids’ safety very seriously. Make your children understand that there are necessary safety precautions; owning and riding a scooter do entail responsibility.

Here are some rules when it comes to scooter safety:

Protective gear

Require your child to wear protective gear such as kneepads, elbow guards, and a helmet, especially when they are just starting to learn how to ride. Set the rules: no gear, no riding.

Check the grips

After securing the safety gear, examine the equipment. Look for any signs of damage, such as defective scooter grips, cracked wheels, or loose breaks and screws. The grips are always the first thing to wear out on a scooter, so conduct maintenance cleaning weekly or monthly. This can ensure their quality, and make them last longer.

Places allowed

Do not allow your kids to take the scooter out on the open streets. Make them understand that the street is a dangerous place, and riding there may result in accidents or injuries. Specify the places they can and cannot go to. Some cities have parks specifically for scooters, skateboards, or bikes. Take your kids to a park now and then for their enjoyment.

Riding a scooter is a good exercise and socialising experience for kids. Following these safety tips can make the experience even more enjoyable.